Magnaclean Filters

We highly recommend the installation of a magnaclean filter onto your system to prevent the build up of iron oxide (which appears as sludge) in your heating system. For old central heating systems, it is best to install a magnaclean filter after a radiator power flush has been carried out, the magnaclean filter can then prevent the need for further power flushing in the future.

The Magnaclean filter has been designed to remove all iron oxide particles that contaminate your system. A magnaclean filter is highly efficient and can remove virtually 100% of the iron oxide (rust) which builds up in your system naturally overtime due to the constant flow of water through the central heating system.

The magnaclean filter is used not only to maintain an old heating system after a powerflush, but can be used to prevent the build up of sludge in a new heating system.

It has been found that even a small amount of iron oxide can result in efficiency loss and fuel wastage, which means that your system will cost more to run and whilst performing inadequately. This is why it’s so important to have a magnaclean filter installed as a preventative measure to the build up of sludge.

It is essential to have your magnaclean filter taken out, cleaned and put back into the system annually (usually at the same time as a boiler service).

Magnaclean Filter Features and Benefits:

  • Long operational life
  • Simple installation and servicing, saving time and money
  • Immediate results and system protection following installation
  • No ongoing running costs
  • Quick and easy chemical dosing
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