Power Flush

Before our engineer starts a power flush they can explain to you how they are going to clean your central heating system and answer any questions you may have. We believe it to be good practice for the customer to know and understand how central heating cleaning is carried out.

A power flush allows your heating system to be thoroughly cleared of any sludge, rust particles and limescale causing it not to work to its full capacity. A power flush is advised if any of your radiators have cold spots, you have bled the radiators and dirty water is coming out, or before a new boiler installation. The following is information on how to clean a heating system.

Our professional will lay sheets underneath a radiator and connect the powerflush machine to the radiator tails. The power flush machine can be connected to the boiler or a standard circulator pump coupling if more convenient for you.

Water and cleaning chemicals will then be pumped throughout your heating system at a high velocity, removing any sludge, rust and limescale. The process will continue until only clean pH neutral water is left in your central heating system.

Once this has been completed our Central Heating Flush engineer will remove the power flush machine and will set your central heating system back up to work again.

Cleaning central heating systems usually takes between 4 and 8 hours to complete, depending on the size and condition of the system.

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More information

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