What is a Powerflush

A common question asked by our customers is what is power flushing? There are many misconceptions with power flushing. It is important that you are aware that having a power flush on you heating system will clear your system of sludge, blockages and debris; however it is not a repair process. If there is a problem with your heating system other than it needing to be cleaned, a power flush will not solve your issue. A power flush can improve the efficiency of your heating system by dissolving and emptying sludge and clearing blockages which accumulate naturally over time due to the constant flow of water through your system.

At Central Heating Flush we highly recommend having a power flush as this not only clears your heating system and has it running more efficiently but it also saves money on expensive repairs.

It is highly recommended to have a power flush completed before a new boiler is installed, this will help to ensure the system is clear from sludge and none of the dirt and debris enter your new boiler. It is also recommended to have a power flush when having a new boiler installed as its warranty may not be valid if no power flush of the existing radiators and pipes was conducted prior to its installation.

The most common signs that may suggest you need a power flush on your heating system can include, boiler noises, radiators and boiler becoming slow to warm up, radiator cold spots and fluctuating hot water temperature.

During a power flush, a machine is connected to the most convenient point of your heating system, usually the radiator tails. Water is then pumped through the system at high velocity to loosen any debris and blockages. A chemical cleaning agent is then flushed through your heating system also at high velocity to provide a more thorough cleanse of your system. Although the water and chemicals are pumped through your system at high velocity, they are pumped at a low pressure to ensure no damaged is caused to your heating system during the power flush. The unwanted debris and dirt then flow out to a filter attached to the power flush machine. Once the cleaning process has been completed our Central Heating Flush engineer will then re-fill your heating system with on pH neutral water and balance your radiators.

A power flush can take between 4-6 hours depending on the size and condition of your central heating system. All of our Central Heating Flush engineers are fully qualified and receive extensive on-going training to ensure all of their knowledge is up-to-date, therefore providing you with the best possible service.

At Central Heating Flush, all our engineers are fully qualified and experienced, able to answer any of your questions like what is power flushing? As well as power flushing, our engineers can also install MagnaClean filters and TRV’s, and conduct a boiler service. Our services are available to all home owners, landlords, estate agents and property maintenance agencies in London and the surrounding areas.

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