What is Power Flushing?

Many of our customers ask us the question what is power flushing? Power flushing is simply the term used by professionals to describe the cleaning process of a central heating system. Power flushing eliminates the build up of unwanted substances such as sludge, limescale and corrosive deposits that accumulate naturally over time due to the constant flow of water through your central heating system. Power flushing a central heating system will help to ensure your heating system is running at its top level of efficiency helping to save you money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon emissions.

Having a power flush on your heating system will reduce the chances of any unexpected and expensive breakdowns and repairs. The build up of sludge, dirt and blockages in your system can have a huge impact on the way your heating system works. Overtime if left, the sludge and debris left in your system can eventually cause your heating system to stop working altogether, which is why it is important for power flushing to be completed.

When having a new boiler installed it is also imperative that a power flushing is completed prior to the installation to ensure the system is free from sludge, dirt and blockages which could potentially damage your new boiler if left in your system.

The most common signs that your central heating system may need power flushing is loud noises coming from the boiler, cold spots on radiators, dirty water emerging when you bleed your radiators, fluctuating hot water temperature or a boiler which is slow to warm up.

Power flushing is carried out by connecting a power flushing machine to the most convenient point in your system, usually the radiator tails. Water is then pumped through the system at high velocity dislodging the unwanted substances. A chemical cleansing agent is then flushed through the system providing a more thorough cleaning process within your heating system. Although the water and chemicals are pumped through your system at high velocity, we ensure it is also done at a low pressure to ensure no damage is caused to your system whilst having a power flush carried out. Once all of the unwanted substances have been cleared out, the power flushing machine pumps clean water, with no cleaning chemicals, through the system so that only clean pH neutral water is left in the central heating at the end of power flushing. Applying an inhibitor to the system, or fitting a magnetic filter to the return pipe following a power flush will maintain the level of clean achieved by the power flush.

Power flushing a central heating system can generally take 4-8 hours; however this can vary depending on the size and condition of your central heating system. There is minimal dismantling to be done, as in most cases each radiator does not need to be disconnected for power flushing, so little disruption is caused by power flushing.

At Central Heating Flush, all our engineers are fully qualified and experienced, able to answer any of your questions like what is power flushing? As well as power flushing, our engineers can also install MagnaClean filters and TRV’s, and conduct a boiler service. Our services are available to all home owners, landlords, estate agents and property maintenance agencies in London and the surrounding areas.

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