How Do I Flush My Central Heating System

Here at Central Heating Flush we are often asked “how do I flush my central heating system?” The flush of a central heating system might seem like a daunting task, but with a power flush machine, it is much less hassle then you may think.

How do problems with my central heating system occur?
How many of the most common problems with a central heating system are caused is by the build up of sludge and limescale in the central heating system, causing blockages. These blockages put pressure on the components of a central heating system and may cause it to break down.

How do I flush my central heating system?
How a flush is carried out is by attaching a power flush machine to the central heating system, which pumps water and cleaning chemicals at high velocity through the whole system to dislodge the sludge and limescale. The water is pumped at low pressure, which is how to prevent damage to the central heating system during the flush, and the sludge and limescale are carried out to a filter attached to the power flush machine. Only clean pH neutral water will be left in the central heating system at the end of the flush.

How long will it take to flush my central heating system?
How long it takes to flush a central heating system will depend on the size and condition of the system, but it will usually take between 4 and 8 hours to complete.

How will the flush benefit my central heating system?
How a flush benefit’s a central heating system is by helping to prevent any problems developing that may cause it to break down, which usually cost much more than a flush to repair. Central Heating Flush recommend a flush, as it will also improve the efficiency of the central heating system by reducing the pressure on components; this is how the cost of your energy bills can be reduced, as the central heating system will not have to work so hard.

How do I check if a flush of my central heating system is necessary?
The easiest way of how to check the condition of a central heating system is to bleed a radiator; dirty or cloudy water indicates the build up of sludge and limescale, so a flush is recommended.

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