Central Heating Sludge Remover

Sludge is created naturally over time in the central heating system as a result of the constant flow of water, leading to rusting. Most people in their homes won’t notice a problem with the central heating system until it’s too late, but it can be prevented with sludge remover.

When to use sludge remover:

Issues such as a cold spots on the radiator, slow boilers and noisy central heating systems can all be treated with sludge remover. When a small problem like a cold spot on the radiator that can be fixed with central heating sludge remover is left untouched, it can grow into severe mechanical faults within the central heating system. If a large portion of the radiator becomes cold, or if the entire radiator itself is cold, then sludge build up has clogged up too much of the system for it to function correctly, and using sludge remover is strongly recommended by Central Heating Flush.

Slow boilers are the result of sludge accumulation in an important component of the boiler known as the heat exchanger. As this component is submerged under water most of the time, the conditions are perfect for collecting sludge. The sludge that presents itself on the heat exchanger creates an insulating coat around the component, slowing down the process of heating the water in the central heating system. Sludge remover can solve this problem.

A noisy system can be distressing; the sound of pipes and pumps failing to cope with the difference in pressure is caused by sludge that has been left untended to for years. The pressure increase is caused by sludge which has no where to go, as the sludge stays in one spot in the central heating system, the space the water has to flow past it slowly decreases over time. As the water is being forced through much smaller gaps, a greater amount of pressure is put on the pipes. Again, sludge remover can resolve this problem.

How to use sludge remover:

In order to combat the accumulation and potentially dangerous build up of sludge in the central heating, Central Heating Flush recommend adding central heating sludge remover to inhibit further damage. Central heating sludge remover is a quick an easy solution that can be used to remove the majority of sludge build ups in the central heating systems. By using powerful sludge remover mixed with water designed to attack sludge directly, you can prevent most problems that you may encounter with your central heating system.
Central heating sludge remover is generally used with power flushing equipment, though some sludge remover can be placed in the system as inhibiters. Central heating sludge remover works by being pumped through the central heating system often using power flushing equipment. This is to ensure that the velocity of water and sludge remover is high enough to make an impact on the affected areas. With the chemicals in central heating, the sludge the removal process takes place, increasing the efficiency and productivity of your central heating system, as well as preventing a number of future faults that may have been encountered.

Here at Central Heating Flush in London, all our engineers use sludge remover when carrying out at power flush. Other services we offer include boiler servicing and the supply and installation of MagnaClean filters. If you require any of these services then call us now on 0208 9516 825 or 03333 200 468, alternatively fill in the contact us form on our website and we will get back to you shortly.

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