Central Heating Magnetic Filter

Something is happening in your home as you read this article. Corrosion, deterioration and sludge build up is taking place in your central heating. In most cases, homes without some kind of anti-corrosion inhibiter will have to have the central heating flushed. There is something any home owner can do without having to spend a lot of money hiring power flush equipment. In order to prevent corrosion and deterioration inside the central heating system, Central Heating Flush recommend a MagnaClean filter. A MagnaClean filter is a central heating magnetic filter that fits snugly onto the return pipe of the central heating system reducing the amount of corrosion and deterioration that some households may be experiencing. A central heating magnetic filter may sound like another one of those cleaning products that does nothing but create a fine coat of wax over the problem, but a magnetic filter really will collect the sludge that accumulates in central heating systems over time. The magnetic filter collects any iron oxide particles and flakes of rust that may be floating through the central heating systems components. When the iron particles and rust flakes have been removed, the efficiency of your central heating system may increase by up to 6%, as well as improving the quality and life span of your current central heating systems components. A central heating magnetic filter is a cost effective way of maintaining your current central heating system.

During the cleansing process iron oxide particles, rust flakes and sludge build up become a thing of the past. The magnetic filter will clean the system, preventing any further corrosion to the pipes. As the central heating magnetic filter is in operation, a large amount of any unwanted material will be collected, stored and will then have to be cleaned. The magnet inside the magnetic filter will have to be removed at some point to be cleaned or replaced; the lifespan of the magnetic filter will depend on how clean the central heating system is before the cleaning process begins. The central heating magnetic filter can last up to a year before it needs cleaning.

The central heating magnetic filter features designs for a majority of domestic central heating systems, though for commercial central heating systems and under floor heating systems, there are alternatives. Adey, the leading manufacturer in central heating magnetic filters prides itself on being the largest producer of central heating magnetic filters in the country, providing clean central heating systems to a huge variety of customers. Adey has a wide product range, meaning that even if you have a very obscure central heating system, you can be assured that they have the right central heating magnetic filter for you.

Central Heating Flush has fully trained and experienced engineers working all across London who can install a MagnaClean filter, which we can supply for you. Other services we offer include power flushing and boiler servicing. If you require any of our services then call us today on 0208 9516 825 or 03333 200 468, alternatively fill in the contact us form on our website and we will get back to you shortly.

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